Filmmaker Interview #57 – Matt Willis-Jones

imageI was first introduced to Matt Willis-Jones when he submitted his short film A Short Film On Conformity to the Bootleg Film Festival, Edinburgh last year. I loved it. I loved the surreal humour, the collective of actors and the just plain bonkers story.

Matt then submitted A Short Film On Freedom for Bootleg New York and I laughed my ass off. It was/is brilliant. So different to anything else you see being made in short film. Matt travelled to New York for the festival and I got to meet the man behind these great films. A true gentleman, Matt became part of the Bootleg family.

Matt recently released all his films online for the first time (they have played countless festivals) and it felt like the right time to do a full interview with him.

I encourage you to watch all of Matt’s films below, especially if you are having a bad day at work and I guarantee they will make you laugh. If not, you’ll get your money back.

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Cinema Zero presents Weekend Retreat

wrThe first film to go live on the Cinema Zero website is the fantastic home invasion comedy/thriller WEEKEND RETREAT.

The film will be live for 10 days until Sunday 13th April and we highly recommend that you check it out.

Den of Geek gave it 4 stars – we give it 5.

As well as watching the film you can also watch an interview with writer/director Brett Harvey, so head on over now to the Cinema Zero website and enjoy!

Weekend Retreat

MUST SEE FILMS Podcast – Interview with Creator Darren Foley

downloadI met Darren Foley on a screenwriting class and enjoyed chatting films with him; we both had a lot of love for Darran Aronofsky’s The Fountain and Paul Thomas Anderson films. Darren sent me one of his early ‘film analyses’ and I was impressed at his ability to unpack a film.

It wasn’t long before he reinvented these one offs into MUST SEE FILMS, an audio show he hosts on Youtube.

MUST SEE FILMS is a show where Darren takes a single films or maybe a top 5 and discusses it, offers his knowledge and analysis while asking for discussion.

He is passionate about film and it really comes across. We also happen to have very similar tastes so he’ll always be discussing something I’m interested in – even if we don’t always agree.

Below Darren discusses MUST SEE FILMS and I would encourage you to find out more and subscribe.

UPDATE: since doing the interview Darren has recorded a podcast covering all the questions I asked. So either read the interview below or if you have the time listen to his answers on this video.

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Cinema Zero


Cinema Zero is a new collaboration between Write Shoot Cut and Project Bootleg that is rethinking independent film on the web.

Fundamentally, it is an online cinema, designed to bring you inspiring, thought-provoking stories, one film at a time.

Taking inspiration from the finest art house cinemas, Cinema Zero is screening a single film in a 3 – 10 day limited run. Each month a programme of films is curated and presented for you to enjoy for absolutely no cost – it’s all free.

Cinema Zero is a place you know you are going to see interesting and ambitious filmmaking from truly independent filmmakers. Continue reading


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