Filmmaker Interview #58 – Kyle Titterton

10268103_10151958629046292_165868287_nI’ve known Kyle Titterton for over 10 years after we met in the now defunct Bookworld stockroom in the Waverley Centre as part time work colleagues. We spent two years or so sharing Alan Partridge quotes and chatting movies. Kyle actually acted in my first ever film Bone Marrow back in 2004.

We have kept in touch over the years doing this and that but it was only last year that we collaborated again when Kyle joined my Edinburgh 48 Hour Film Project team and we made the short film, The Traveller.

It was so great to spend some proper time with Kyle again. When I was casting my feature film, I needed someone I trusted in a very important role. I met a couple of people but it just never felt right. My gut told me to call Kyle, so I did and he jumped on board. His performance was perfect and vindicated me ‘going with my gut’.

Kyle is an ambitious creative filmmaker who seems to always be making something different. He experiments and throws himself into everything and I am genuinely honored to call him a friend. His interview below is insightful and honest, but above all it’s entertaining, just like him, so go on, give it a read.  Read more of this post

No Excuses, Just Shoot – Advice for First-Time Filmmakers – Updated April 2014

No Excuses

Updated April 2014

So you want to make a film but for whatever reason something is stopping you, or maybe you’re about to embark on your first film and looking for some moral support, or maybe you’ve made films but gotten ‘the fear’, lost your way and now you need someone to speak to you and get you back into it?

Well, since August 2011 I’ve been interviewing independent filmmakers about the films they’ve made, how they made them and why they do it. The final question of all these interviews has always been; what advice would you give to first time filmmakers? 

Looking back over all the interviews I noticed that there was a real wealth of knowledge and support given by each filmmaker and I thought it would be helpful and worthwhile collating a bunch of them into one post for the ultimate first time filmmaker advice source.

So, the time has come. I first posted this in December 2012 and have started updating it annually.

Maybe this is the year you shoot that film you’ve been talking or thinking about for a long time and maybe, just maybe, what the filmmakers have to say below will be the catalyst you need to get out there and do it.

No Excuses, Just Shoot. Read more of this post

Write Shoot Cut at the Filmhouse – May 26th 2014


Write Shoot Cut is a night held at the Filmhouse cinema dedicated to celebrating and showcasing short independent film from Scotland and beyond.

Hosted by Neil Rolland, Write Shoot Cut will this month feature five quality shorts plus Q&As with the filmmakers involved in each film.

If you are a filmmaker, or someone with an interest in Scottish film and a desire to see something out of the ordinary, then this is an excellent opportunity to connect with the local scene, watch some great films and meet potential collaborators.

Doug and Steve’s Big Holy Adventure (John McPhail, 17 min)

Kings of the Road (Bowls) (Martin Lennon, 13 min)


When Drawings Come to Life (Anna Djordjevic, 11 min)


I Am Tom Moody (Ainslie Henderson, 7 min)


Colours (Graham Fitzpatrick, 15 min)


Monday 26th May at 18:15

Tickets £6/£5 and available from here.

Filmmaker Interview #57 – Matt Willis-Jones

imageI was first introduced to Matt Willis-Jones when he submitted his short film A Short Film On Conformity to the Bootleg Film Festival, Edinburgh last year. I loved it. I loved the surreal humour, the collective of actors and the just plain bonkers story.

Matt then submitted A Short Film On Freedom for Bootleg New York and I laughed my ass off. It was/is brilliant. So different to anything else you see being made in short film. Matt travelled to New York for the festival and I got to meet the man behind these great films. A true gentleman, Matt became part of the Bootleg family.

Matt recently released all his films online for the first time (they have played countless festivals) and it felt like the right time to do a full interview with him.

I encourage you to watch all of Matt’s films below, especially if you are having a bad day at work and I guarantee they will make you laugh. If not, you’ll get your money back.

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Short Film #83 – Going Out (2013) Chris Lane

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Cinema Zero presents Weekend Retreat

wrThe first film to go live on the Cinema Zero website is the fantastic home invasion comedy/thriller WEEKEND RETREAT.

The film will be live for 10 days until Sunday 13th April and we highly recommend that you check it out.

Den of Geek gave it 4 stars – we give it 5.

As well as watching the film you can also watch an interview with writer/director Brett Harvey, so head on over now to the Cinema Zero website and enjoy!

Weekend Retreat

Wes Anderson // Centered


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