Filmmaker Interview #7 – Ruth Paxton

Ruth Paxton (left)

It’s about time there was a female filmmaker featured on this blog and I am extremely excited that the first is a writer/director whose career I have followed with great admiration for some years.

Ruth Paxton is from Edinburgh where she studied film at Edinburgh College of Art and the Screen Academy Scotland. Since then she has taken her talent and potential global, travelling the world with her work and being recognised for her unique artistic auteur style.

I don’t really know Ruth all that well, other than being a fan, but it has been clear for the past few years to anyone in Edinburgh that she is going to be “big”. As a creative she has an aura of confidence or at least belief in her work, which I’m sure comes via bouts of crippling self-doubt like all artists. There has always been something special about her and her work and I think below in the interview you’ll understand what I mean.

I was lucky enough to see her short Paris/Sexy at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2010 and along with two other shorts it was head and shoulders above anything else there.

I am delighted to feature Ruth on the blog and will now hand you over to her: Read more of this post


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