Elsewhere, NY Screening


We were delighted to welcome Canadian filmmaker Jeffrey P Nesker to Edinburgh for a very special Write Shoot Cut in July. Jeff, who was part of the team that ran the Bootleg Film Festival, Edinburgh back in March 2013 returned to the Banshee Labyrinth to share a preview screening of his debut feature film Elsewhere, NYRead more of this post

July Special Preview Screening: Elsewhere, NY – 14/07/2014


Monday 14th July, 7.30pm at the Banshee Labyrinth


July’s Write Shoot Cut is a little special.

Last year I ran the Bootleg Film Festival in Edinburgh, at the Banshee Labyrinth, with a bunch of filmmakers and friends from across the world.

My two partners in crime were Bootleg founder Tom Wilton and Canadian filmmaker Jeffrey P Nesker. I met these guys at the first Bootleg Film Festival in Glasgow in 2008 and we have become very close friends in the past six years.

Elsewhere, NY is Jeff’s debut feature film and he is going to be in Edinburgh to share it at this very special preview screening.   Read more of this post

June’s Screening @ The Banshee


IMG_0685It was absolutely fantastic to be back in the Banshee last night for the return of Write Shoot Cut on a monthly basis. A healthy crowd of old faces and new welcomed us back with open arms and a warm round of applause before it even started!

We screened ten films in a slightly shorter programme than usual but that gave us the time for some in depth Q&As with the filmmakers who were in attendance. Read more of this post

June’s Monthly Screening @Banshee 9/6/14


After a hiatus of 9 months we are back with our Monthly Short Film Screening and Networking nights at the Banshee Labyrinth and we have a fantastic line up to get back in the swing of things this June.

Featuring 10 short films, Q&As with local filmmakers, cheap drinks and networking until 3am (if that’s what you want to do). This is guaranteed to be a cracker of an event. Read more of this post

May’s Write Shoot Cut Screening @ Filmhouse


A massive thank you to everyone who came along to Write Shoot Cut on Monday night. The Filmhouse was once again packed with a very enthusiastic and supportive audience.

Our programme went down very well with everyone complimenting the curation and standard of films. We pride ourselves on offering an enjoyably diverse programme at each Write Shoot Cut and it’s always lovely to here it’s appreciated. We screened 5 short films at the May event with Q&As from 4 of the filmmaking teams involved. Read more of this post

Our Monthly Short Film Night Returns

P1040104We are delighted to announce the return of our Monthly Short Film Night at the Banshee Labyrinth cinema, with the first event on Monday 9th June 2014.

After taking a break last September we feel the time is right to return and hope that we will be welcomed back with open arms by the Edinburgh filmmaking community. Write Shoot Cut was a big event in 2012/13 that used to regularly pack out the Banshee cinema showing some of the best local short films, as well as work from further afield. Read more of this post

Write Shoot Cut at goNORTH Festival with CARE Showcase

10254003_505425706236204_3731321883658793946_nWe are delighted to have been invited to take part in the goNORTH Festival in Inverness next month. We will be hosting a very special Q&A session as part of a showcase of the short psychological horror film CARE, made by Highlands filmmaker Tristan Aitchison.

Deep in the remote Scottish Highlands sits an abandoned and dilapidated nursing home, seemingly long forgotten; it lies deteriorating. Amidst the damp and dust an elderly and confused woman, Doreen, sits in what once was the day room.

Doreen is seeking a way out of this nightmare but through every door is not an exit but memories of humiliation, abuse and a sense that she might not be as alone as she seems.

Care is a short psychological chiller which at its core is about the fear of what will happen to you when you no longer have the ability to care for yourself, because we all get old… but who will look after you?

The showcase will include the Muir of Ord based writer/director Tristan plus Titles Designer Paul Dunkley and Composer Paul Terry (who also composed for and produced the wonderful short film The Furred Man, which we have featured on the site here).

Shot on midsummer’s day in an abandoned nursing home in the Northern Highlands of Scotland, CARE was Tristan’s first film and showcases a very unique voice in filmmaking.

The CARE Showcase takes place on Wednesday 4th June at 5pm – you can find out more, see the full programme and register for FREE as a delegate here.


goNORTH is Scotland’s mini-SXSW and includes workshops, gigs, events and showcases of everything from music to fashion to computer games and films, a truly artistic festival that takes over Inverness for two days and it’s all free if you register.

If you do attend goNORTH you can also see Neil’s film The Traveller, which has been singled out as a highlight of the Wide Open Submission Programme. The Traveller screens on Thursday 5th June at 2pm and you can find out more details here.

Read more about the short film CARE here.


Write Shoot Cut at the Filmhouse – May 26th 2014


Write Shoot Cut is a night held at the Filmhouse cinema dedicated to celebrating and showcasing short independent film from Scotland and beyond.

Hosted by Neil Rolland, Write Shoot Cut will this month feature five quality shorts plus Q&As with the filmmakers involved in each film.

If you are a filmmaker, or someone with an interest in Scottish film and a desire to see something out of the ordinary, then this is an excellent opportunity to connect with the local scene, watch some great films and meet potential collaborators.

Doug and Steve’s Big Holy Adventure (John McPhail, 17 min)

Kings of the Road (Bowls) (Martin Lennon, 13 min)


When Drawings Come to Life (Anna Djordjevic, 11 min)


I Am Tom Moody (Ainslie Henderson, 7 min)


Colours (Graham Fitzpatrick, 15 min)


Monday 26th May at 18:15

Tickets £6/£5 and available from here.

Write Shoot Cut Screening: To Here Knows When – Feb24th @Filmhouse

still 16 The Write Shoot Cut platform is dedicated to showcasing independent film from Scotland and beyond. As a partnership between WSC and Screen Education Edinburgh in association with Filmhouse; this month we are delighted to be screening the debut feature film from Scottish filmmaker Grant McPhee; To Here Knows When. Still 2 Grant has worked in the film industry for over ten years in the camera department and as a Digital Workflow Supervisor on films such as Cloud Atlas, World War Z, Sunshine on Leith, Under the Skin and many more. Grant started out at Pilton Video (now Screen Education Edinburgh) as a trainee and worked his way up. still 15   Last year he used his own money and equipment to shoot a low budget feature film. Costing him £4000, shot over five days and using the RED One and Blackmagic Cinema cameras; the film is a beautifully photographed powerful trip into the darkness of Joe, who returns home after ‘being away’ to find his wife has taken in a siren-like lodger. It’s a psychedelic ambient drama that dabbles in the horror and thriller genres. The film stars; Patrick O’Brien, Kitty Colquhoun and Hanna Stanbridge. still 7   To Here Knows When picked up the Best Cinematography prize at the Bootleg Film Festival in New York in September 2013.

We are delighted to showcase Grant’s film and will welcome him along with various cast and crew for a special Q&A after the screening, where they will discuss just how they managed to pull off a feature film under such constraints. Tickets are priced at £6 full price and £5 concessions and can be bought here.

I Can. I Will. I Did. Bootleg and the Bootlegacy



Tom Wilton, the maverick filmmaker and founder of the Bootleg Film Festival, announced at the beginning of September that Bootleg NYC would be the final Bootleg ever. In a heartfelt and beautifully honest blog post he laid out his reasons for this decision and while a little shell-shocked the independent film world rallied around to thank Tom for everything he had done and achieved with the fest. Tom had discussed this with me merely hours before and I knew he was doing the right thing. As a festival Bootleg has done so much for so many and as an individual Tom has poured his heart and soul into it. It was his baby, as he puts it, it was a “bad idea that worked” and now it was going to New York where he had always dreamed it would go.

Tom Wilton is not a normal person; he’s not even a normal filmmaker. Normal filmmakers don’t make three feature films (two in New York and one in the UK) and run two film festivals on either side of the Atlantic, all in the same year. Normal filmmakers don’t start film festivals in the basement of a Glasgow coffee shop and see them grow into internationally recognised platforms for undiscovered talent. Normal people don’t care as much as Tom does, or have a single a vision as Tom does, or bounce back from the amount of knock backs as Tom has had or encourage a movement of other filmmakers as Tom has. And when you cross paths with someone like Tom you realise just what it takes to make something of your life, just how much belief, determination and drive you need to succeed and just how attainable it is if you just focus your life on it.

I am extremely thankful to have met Tom, as I know any filmmaker who has engaged with him and Bootleg would agree, and I am excited for what the future holds for him and every filmmaker he ever inspired.


Tom’s final farewell speech at Bootleg NYC was a rallying call to all filmmakers to lay their ego at the side and help their fellow creatives. He told a tale of losing everything on one of his feature film productions, disappearing into Europe with his tail between his legs ready to pack it all in, only to arrive in Toronto for the Bootleg Film Festival and to be inspired, supported and loved by filmmakers and friends. He asked that as a filmmaker you look out for the ‘other guy’, that if someone needs your help, you offer it. That you remember that as you climb the ladder, you were once at the bottom and you pull others up with you. He asked that we keep the spirit of Bootleg alive and in writing this post I hope that I am in some way doing just that.

Bootleg was never just a film festival, it was a movement, an entity, a family. It was a place where lifelong friendships were made and collaborations formed. Bootleg was about leaving your ego at the door and embracing this little world we call filmmaking and celebrating each and every person in it.

In this multi-media project; I will attempt to share the history of Bootleg from my vantage point. I will share my views and the views of other people associated with Bootleg as well as discussing the Bootlegacy and where we go from here.

Bootleg mattered a lot to many people and was missed by many more. It’s my hope that through this discussion you will be able to feel the love that I myself have for the festival and the people around it as well as experience a little bit of what it was all about and why it mattered. Read more of this post


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