alcohol rehab cost

“The cost of drug and alcohol treatment may be high. It ranges from $2,000 to $25,000 depending on the therapy and facility selected.

According to, rehab costs can range between: 

  • $250 – $800 per day for 30-day drug detox 
  • $1,400 – $10,000 for 3 months of outpatient care 
  • $3,000 – $10,000 for a 30-day intensive outpatient program 
  • $5,000 – $80,000 for residential treatment, depending on the length of stay

While alcohol addiction treatment cost of care may seem overwhelming, it’s possible to find ways to afford the care you need.

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Alcohol Addiction Treatment With Insurance

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) required health insurance to cover drug and alcohol addiction services. This covers private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, state-financed healthcare, and military insurance. You might be eligible for disability insurance for alcoholism inpatient treatment in some states, such as California.

It’s critical to understand your policy, since your health insurance provider will reimburse therapy costs following specific criteria. “Many insurance carriers only pay for 30 days of residential treatment, which isn’t enough for someone who has been addicted for 20 years.

Without Insurance, Alcohol Rehab Is Expensive Realizing how much alcohol rehabilitation costs without insurance may surprise you at first, but there are financing alternatives available. Don’t be discouraged by the price right away. “Many addicts avoid treatment due to the cost and lack of insurance,” B

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The best treatment for alcoholism is a combination of behavioral therapy and medication. There are several types of alcohol rehabilitation programs available. Your state or local government might provide free treatment. Free or low-cost assistance from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), religious support groups, and programs affiliated with organizations like SMART Recovery or Secular Organizations for Sobriety may be

You may be eligible for a scholarship. “Some facilities, even high-end ones, offer scholarships to those who can’t afford it. A clinician might be able to suggest that a needy individual visit a specific facility for a scholarship bed based on their connection there,”

Other Ways to Pay

Despite the fact that it is costly, there are ways to pay for alcohol addiction treatment. You may be eligible for alcohol rehabilitation on a sliding scale fee, which calculates the amount you pay based on your income. You might also be able to negotiate payment plans, financing, or rebates with a facility or doctor.