Benefits of using medical marijuana

Medicine in recent years focuses on unconventional solutions. One of them is the authorization (recently in Poland) for the use of medicinal marijuana. It is therefore important to distinguish between two different products – medical marijuana differs significantly from the popular cannabis “twists”.

Cannabis treatment – cannabinoids

Theoretically, the end of November 2017 brought interesting information about the possibility of using cannabinoid-rich cannabis for medicinal purposes. This does not mean that marijuana is available at every pharmacy and that you only need an appropriate prescription to obtain it. The method of growing a plant intended for the pharmaceutical market is significant here. Medicinal products are manufactured according to strict standards and the quality of cannabis is checked before being placed on the market. This means full quantitative and qualitative control of products and for patients greater safety during use.

The plant species plays an equally important role in whether or not such a substance is legally marketed. And there are over a hundred of them. It determines what specific cannabinoids and in what amount are in the ready-to-use product.

THC is not the same as CBD

What is the difference between THC and CBD? In our country, the most information can be found on THC (the popular name of an organic chemical compound with a sonorous name Tetrahydrocannabinol). It is this substance that is found in illegally grown cannabis. It has a strong psychoactive effect, while making the user very addictive. It influences the perception of the environment. Manufacturing, possession and sale are strictly prohibited in Poland. You cannot drive while under the influence of THC, as drug tests cope with its detection.

Due to the undesirable effects, even in the case of any therapeutic properties, use for therapeutic purposes is not recommended.

It is different with CBD – which, as one of the few cannabinoids, does not lead to addiction. The use of this substance (the name CBD means the same as Cannabidiol) helps in the treatment of many diseases related not only to the nervous system. It is a separated organic compound from cannabis (similar to THC), and taking drugs based on it, while not becoming addictive, puts it in a very good light.

Chemical structure of cannabidiolcannabidiol

Healing properties of(CBD) The

isolated cannabinoid can replace the painkillers available on the market. All indications are that by acting as an analgesic, it does not have many side effects – so it is a very good solution for people who do not tolerate the usual agents such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. People who experience convulsions in their everyday life (which can be associated with many diseases) will also experience a lot of relief.

The greatest impact of using a drug based on medicinal cannabis is noticeable when observing the patient’s nervous system. Patients with epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease can see a method of effective treatment in cannabidiol. This is because this substance protects the nervous system (also against fatigue and stress) and has antipsychotic properties.

What addictions are treated with medical marijuana?

Medicinal cannabis helps in treating people addicted to heroin, cocaine and alcohol. The reason why CBD is used in such cases is to reduce cravings for drugs or alcohol. Patients undergoing such therapy deal more easily with the situations that most often accompany addicts. It is only possible to reduce such hunger by administering Cannabidiol, as THC exhibits addictive properties.

The production of medicinal marijuana requires meeting appropriate standards and requirements.

CBD as an Antioxidant

Medical marijuana has proven successful as an antioxidant and helps remove free radicals from the patient’s body. This means that it is able to cope with the aging of the body as well as diseases related to the action of free radicals in our body.

Does this mean cannabis legalization?

No, the use of medical marijuana (in the form of CBD) does not mean that anyone can make cannabis-based products without proper government approvals. Trade in such products is invariably treated as drug trafficking and may result in imprisonment. Therefore, you should follow the news on marijuana so as not to face unpleasant consequences.


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