can you make someone go to rehab for alcohol

Involuntary Commitment Laws for Drug Rehab

When you care about someone who is addicted to drugs, you would probably do nearly anything to assist them in obtaining addiction treatment. The National Institute on Drug Abuse indicates that as many as 23.9 million individuals require substance abuse therapy but just 2.6 million, or about 11 percent of those affected, receive it.

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Families and authorities alike are exploring drastic methods to keep people suffering from this epidemic alive as drug overdoses nearly tripled in the United States between 1999 and 2014. One of the techniques they’re using to accomplish this is by utilizing involuntary commitment laws.

The laws, which are now in force in most states, are simply one more weapon in the fight against addiction and its devastating consequences. Even as families do everything they can to safeguard their children, there are concerns about whether these methods will be effective.

How Do Involuntary Commitment Laws Work?

This may be achieved by “forcing” someone you care about into rehabilitation, but it isn’t as simple as many people believe. Simply being concerned about a person’s drug or alcohol abuse is insufficient. If your state allows parents to commit their minor children to substance abuse treatment, you might have more rights to do so.

The burden of proof is greater if the person you are concerned about isn’t a minor. A court will generally not grant such an order until before it does. In most states that have these rules, you must appear in court and show evidence of one or more things. The first step is to demonstrate that the individual has a substance use disorder. Some

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Can You Convince an Addict to Go to Rehab?

There’s no doubt that the treatment gap, the difference between the need for treatment and its utilization, is significant. There would be a rehabilitation crisis in this country if everyone who needed substance abuse treatment received it. Sadly, this is not always the case. Family members can sometimes successfully persuade an addict to go to rehabilitation, although this does not always happen

You may employ a professional treatment, which has usually positive outcomes, but there’s no assurance that someone with an impaired brain will make the correct and healthy decision. When loved ones are concerned about the health, safety, or future of someone they care about, it may be time to take drastic actions.

One of the most frequent challenges with involuntary commitment laws is that, although they are a good place to start, the periods of confinement they propose are frequently too short. The length of time someone can be kept in civil custody varies by state, but the ideal addiction therapy program is designed to each person’s specific requirements.