CDB may lead to full remission of seizures

Ungrateful and unpredictable – this is epilepsy that can have various causes and causes. It is also an unfair fact that its beginning very often begins at a young age, affecting children with the disease. Drug-resistant seizures are a common symptom, but the pathophysiology of this disease is still unknown.


Coming unexpectedly, epilepsy for a young person is a huge shock that changes her life. The cause of the seizure should be consulted by a doctor as soon as possible, in a hospital setting. Although pharmacology has made great strides towards access to antiepileptic drugs, it remains a significant problem that it remains unknown which drug may lead to disease remission. Hence, access to a wide variety of molecules for small patients would be a necessity. Therefore, only anticonvulsants are still circulating in the medical circulation, not those targeting the problem.


Due to the policy of the Polish state, it is impossible to conduct research on cannabis-based drugs, so those interested still have to rely on the experience of foreign laboratories. Fortunately, these are very active on the topic of CBD in terms of the treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy, and keep coming up with new conclusions that turn out to be a way to fight the disease.


Research conducted by the International Association for Cannabis as Medicine Congress in the Netherlands shows that a group of children showing symptoms of drug-resistant epilepsy, including Dravet’s syndrome, Doose’s syndrome and LGS syndrome, after systematic use of CBD, showed:


– no negative side effects that would necessitate the discontinuation of CBD treatment,

– improved awareness and spasticity,

– encouraging signals, especially among severely ill patients,

– improved health of around 25%.


Based on the research carried out, specialists concluded that only a CBD pharmaceutical preparation that would meet the FDA requirements in terms of standardization and quality control would be an ideal measure that would support the treatment of children. Moreover, the thesis put forward by experts was that urgent placebo trials were needed to ensure the effectiveness and safety of CBD.


Based on the conclusions and recommendations of specialists involved in patenting CBD in the treatment of children, the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended the first cannabinoid product that may be a chance for the youngest patients.

After completing the required testing process, the FDA has approved hemp oil which is a precondition of being derived from the marijuana plant and which will be 99% pure after final treatment.


The drug itself is different from marijuana because it does not contain THC, which are recreational and stimulant drugs that cause intoxication. The discovery of specialists confirms the theory put forward for years that CBD can lead to a complete remission of epileptic seizures, and for patients and their parents it can mean relief from unannounced seizures that are a torment in the lives of young patients.


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