What healing properties does hemp oil have?

Hemp oil can have a beneficial effect on our health. Its amazing therapeutic properties bring relief to sufferers, reduce or eliminate symptoms, and even cure diseases considered incurable by conventional medicine. More and more often it is used not only by lovers of a healthy lifestyle, but also by patients looking for a cure for diseases of civilization. Can hemp oil be treated? This question is asked by everyone who is looking for an effective and natural medicine today.

We distinguish 3 types of hemp oil


Mother nature has generously endowed cannabis with above-average power – it contains over 480 various organic compounds. Many of these natural substances can be useful in treating various ailments. The abundant content of active substances, however, causes their great diversity depending on the variety. Different types of oils are obtained from different plants and have different uses.


Hemp seed oil

From legal hemp seeds, cold-pressed hemp oil is obtained from seeds (at a temperature of approx. 40 * C). It has a characteristic earthy taste and smell that may resemble the taste of sunflower or nuts. It is consumed only raw, only then it retains its original composition and therapeutic potential. Due to its consistency and properties, it is not suitable for frying and does not require additional heating, but it is ready to eat as it is. Its expiry date is usually one year from the moment of pressing, when it is properly stored in a dry and cool place. It tends to go rancid, so after opening it must be stored in the refrigerator and consumed as soon as possible, within a maximum of 3 months. Particularly useful and effective in cosmetics and dietetics, as well as prophylactically against many ailments. 




Properties of hemp seed oil

The health properties of hemp seed oil are unmatched by any other vegetable oil, and the Omega polyunsaturated acids it contains are essential for the proper functioning of the human body. It has a perfect ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6, which is 3: 1 and perfectly nourishes the human body from the inside, preventing, for example, diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension and other serious civilization diseases. It also works externally on the skin as an anti-inflammatory, soothing and soothing agent, as well as caring for hair and nails. In addition, hemp oil contains a whole set of trace elements and minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to health. Particularly noteworthy is natural vitamin K, rarely found in other foodstuffs, which is involved in healing processes and has anti-inflammatory properties. Due to its properties, hemp seed oil is used as a versatile food and a natural beautifier without side effects.



Used internally in dietetics and prophylaxis:

  • Increases immunity and cares for the proper course of autoimmune processes
  • Reduces and regulates cholesterol
  • Maintains the hormonal balance at an appropriate level
  • Soothes and reduces inflammation inside the body
  • Prevents cardiovascular diseases protects blood vessels and the heart
  • Protects against cancer and other dangerous diseases civilization
  • Supports the proper functioning of the brain
  • Supports the work of internal organs such as the liver or intestines

External use in cosmetics:

  • Facilitates blood clotting and wound healing and reduces scarring
  • Counteracts psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and other diseases of the epidermis
  • Intensively nourishes and moisturizes healthy and damaged skin
  • Anti-inflammatory and protects against diseases skin
  • Effectively regenerates the skin, hair and nails

Hemp oil from flowers – CBD

Made from flowers and seeds of special varieties of hemp (cannabis sativa L.) Contains biol the highly active cannabidiol found in flowers – CBD for short – a compound recognized by scientists as the most potent medicinal substance in cannabis and cannabis. The production of the extract, which is a component of the oil, is carried out using advanced extraction technology with liquid carbon dioxide in a supercritical state. Most often, hemp seed oil is enriched with hemp flower extract, which is how the famous CBD oil is made. The taste is reminiscent of a medicine – it is usually bitter, pungent and pungent, with a different aroma depending on the essential oils it contains. Of course, this type of oil is legal, as it does not contain narcotic substances, but only therapeutic. It has the same properties as marijuana oil, except for intoxicating because it does not contain THC. Available in various forms such as drops, capsules, pastes, suppositories, chewing gums, etc. Once opened, it is kept in the refrigerator to fully retain its natural power. Used as a strong therapeutic agent for a number of civilization diseases and ailments of the nervous system.




Properties of hemp flower

oil CBD hemp oils, in addition to the previously mentioned properties of hemp seed oil, also have a powerful therapeutic potential. Thanks to the content of natural CBD, which is responsible for the proper functioning of the entire body through the nervous system, you can treat it without fear of intoxication or any other side effects. Cannabidiol is a component of individual drugs, and its positive pharmacological effect has been proven by many scientific studies. It is thanks to CBD that medical marijuana and cannabis are no longer a taboo subject and are enjoying a growing interest among patients and medical communities. Due to the fact that CBD preparations are made from industrial hemp, they are usually many times cheaper than synthetic drugs containing this substance (e.g. Sativex, Marinol, Epidiolex), which can be obtained in pharmacies on prescription.

What is CBD hemp oil used for and why?

  • Neoplasms: cancer, leukemia, tumors, cysts – the so far known mechanisms of fighting cannabidiol neoplastic cells are metastasis, angiogenesis and apoptosis (suicide). It also has strong anti-proliferative (anti-metastatic) properties that prevent the spread of the tumor. Its antiemetic and antidepressant properties are also used to support conventional methods by reducing or completely eliminating side effects such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, alopecia, and depression; caused by taking chemotherapy and radiotherapy. 
  • Neurodegenerative diseases: multiple sclerosis (MS), epilepsy, autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and others – research confirms its unique power as a substance with neuroactive and neuroprotective properties. It regenerates damaged nerve cells and protects against their degeneration. It calms down and calms the nervous system, has anticonvulsant and muscle relaxant properties. It is a powerful antioxidant.
  • Nervous and mental diseases: schizophrenia, neurosis, psychosis, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia, anorexia, stress, etc. – it clears the mind, relaxes and deeply relaxes. It prevents hyperactivity and makes it easier to fall asleep. It has an antipsychotic and sobering effect, reducing hallucinations or other states of disturbed consciousness. It has a sedative effect in high doses.
  • Inflammation – Its strong anti-inflammatory properties are able to reach areas that ordinary synthetic drugs cannot affect. It actually contributes to the production of substances in the body that not only fight inflammation, but also prevent their formation.
  • Rheumatic diseases: rheumatoid arthritis (RA), psoriatic arthritis (PsA), rheumatism, osteoporosis, psoriasis, diabetes, fibromyalgia – soothes and eliminates inflammation and pains associated with them. It facilitates movement by relaxing joints and muscles. It helps in widening the range of movements. 
  • Pain: migraines, headaches, bone and muscle pains, pains of unknown cause – soothes or eliminates pain of various origins. Due to its beneficial effect on the nervous system, it prevents the formation of pain outbreaks. 
  • Immunological diseases: allergies, reduced immunity – modulates and supports natural immunity, fulfilling the role of an immune regulator. 
  • Addiction – is used in the therapy of alcohol and opioid dependence. It relieves the withdrawal syndrome.


Due to its powerful influence on the nervous system, which controls most of the processes in the body, the clinical potential of cannabidiol is almost infinite. The examples given above are only a fraction of its possibilities. For a complete list of the pharmacological properties of cannabidiol (CBD), click HERE

Cannabis oil from cannabis – THC Cannabis

oil is often confused with hemp seed or flower oil because it comes from the same plant species but a different variety – cannabis indica. Like CBD oil, it is made from flowers, but this is perhaps the only thing they have in common. Besides, CBD and THC oils differ from each other like day and night.


Unfortunately, the amateur THC / RSO extraction method, which uses toxic and flammable solvents and too high temperatures, leaves no doubt as to the quality. The color and texture of RSO oil most often resemble tar or burnt black oil. Marijuana oil is completely illegal because it mainly contains the intoxicating substance THC, which is psychoactive and banned in many countries. Such an oil has mainly strong narcotic properties due to the high THC content, and less therapeutic values ​​due to the low content of CBD and other substances naturally present in cannabis. However, this does not bother dealers who try to earn some extra money from someone else’s misfortune by demanding cosmically high prices for this dubious quality hemp oil made at home. According to the research of scientists, THC may have anti-cancer properties and may be an essential component of therapy for some users, but it also has a number of side effects (apart from the intoxication itself), such as increased blood pressure or accelerated heart rate, which disqualify this substance in around 80% of patients. 


In fact, as of today, in hemp – THC – is the only banned substance, any other substance is perfectly legal. For this reason, patients are already enjoying the therapeutic effects of medical marijuana without the need to get intoxicated and without any other side effects – in the form of hemp seed oil or CBD flower extract, which may only contain trace amounts of THC, so it is completely safe and safe. can be used without restrictions.


As of November 1, 2017, THC-containing cannabis is theoretically available in pharmacies. However, due to the narcotic properties as well as numerous side effects, they are administered only under the supervision of a doctor. Unfortunately, due to the high price, they are available only to a few and only with a prescription, after going through countless and cumbersome procedures.



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